Had a stranger ever caught your eyes?

Have you ever been sitting on a bus or train and a stranger catches your eyes? What would you do? Will you smile and say hi? Would you have gone up to him and introduce yourself? Or would you bury your face in your newspaper/Ipad/laptop or whatever to pretend you are busy?

Amsterdam based director Siar Sedig's 11 minute short film, Last Exit Home, touches on that very thing.

To those who commute every day to work on public transportation, can you relate? I sure can. A long while back, I met a guy on the train whilst on my way to work. He was sitting directly across me. He was absolutely gorgeous. I was stealing a lot of glances. I just cannot help myself. He was like a magnet. So much so that I was caught doing it. Amazingly he flashes his pearly whites at me and nod. I was so embarrassed that I did something that I will always regret. I nod back and quickly pretend to be engross with my phone. I never looked at him again. Always makes me wonder if I was a bit bolder, would anything come of it.... Oh well, I was quite young and inexperience then. I would have handle it a lot better if it happens today. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences, and I would love to hear them, so leave a comment.