Olivia Binfield

I have no idea who she is 2 hours ago. My boyfriend send me a youtube link and tells me I have to watch this. It is brilliant he say. And I say yup, I will. So I watch it. Hmmm it was a cute 7 year old school girl reciting a poetry that she wrote about endangered species. Only difference is that she has a snake wrapped around her that is probably about her size in weight. I guess the snake was the prop. Good choice sweetie. She could have taken a dog or a cat but I guess the "cringe" factor won't be there. And we all know that in the cut-throat world of entertainment, you really need an edge. Cuteness can only get you so far. Smart girl or should we be saying smart parents.

Anyway, I told my boyfriend that these talents show are getting boring. Haha I dont think I earn any brownie points for that as he told me I dont have a heart and the girl is so sweet for her activism. Yup dear. We should applaud her for taking up the fight to save endangered species. It is good to cultivate activism at this young age. Let's just hope her parents doesn't have any grand plans for her beside encouraging her towards being a zoologist. I see she has been a busy 7 year old with her own website and being an ambassador for Tiger Time.

Ohhh and dear, you should really stop surfing youtube so much....and if Britain got talent ever have another kid doing something equally as cute, unless there is a hippo in it, I really dont want to know about it. Just kidding!!! You could send me anything and I will try to like it too. I guess that's relationship guys.........