No regret

(후회하지 않아) 2006

I love the promo posters. Don't you?
      The most potent scene from the movie and my fav.
    Jae Min gives in to family pressure and decides to marry. This is the scene where he 
attempts to break up with Su Min.

To save me from doing a synopsis of the film, here is one synopsis that I found in Fandango done by Jason Buchanan from All Movie Guide -

"A working-class South Korean homosexual and a factory owner's engaged son embark on a clandestine love affair in director Hee-il Leesong's heartfelt tale of forbidden love. The first-ever South Korean feature by an openly gay filmmaker, No Regret begins as orphan Lee Su-min (Yeong-hun Lee) leaves behind both his rural orphanage and one-time lover. Later finding work at a Seoul factory and sharing an apartment with an unquestionably heterosexual workmate, Lee supplements his income by working nights as a driver for hire. When drunken fare Jae-min Song (Han Lee) makes a tentative pass at Lee during a late-night ride home, the uninterested driver rejects the obvious come-on. As it turns out, Song is the son of the factory's CEO. Later, when a round of layoffs is announced at the factory and Lee's name appears on the list, Song offers to help the struggling worker, to no avail. Subsequently earning his keep as a lap-dancer at a local strip joint, Lee is disturbed to see Song appear at the club and threatens to kill him if he ever dares return. Though Song's parents are pressuring him into marriage, the reluctant groom has no interest in taking a bride, and gradually begins to form a relationship with the down-on-his-luck dancer. Despite the comfort they find in one another's company, simmering class differences soon propel their doomed affair toward a tragic conclusion."

Ok first thing first. This korean movie does have a somewhat happy ending. It is not all gloom and doom. It is actually pretty easy to watch especially with Lee Yeong Hoon being so easy on the eyes. There is nothing really to dislike about the movie. Plot is a bit far fetch but hey it is a movie after all. I still find it hard to believe that the way Jae Min pursue Su Min is not classified as stalking. The worse type of stalking. Any way the actors does great. The chemistry between them are quite obvious. Overall a great little film but i have to say i love the soundtrack. Been listening to it for a while. Love the instrumental numbers in the soundtrack. Had a devil of a time finding it but it is worth the time. Anyone interested in the soundtrack can give me a tinkle.

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