Children of god

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Jonny (Johnny Ferro), an awkward painting student, is “banished” by his instructor to the remote island of Eleuthera to focus on his work and find his voice. But first he finds Romeo (Stephen Tyrone Williams), a handsome, self-confident guy who shows Jonny the scenic spots… and a bit more. Romeo’s got a girlfriend, however, as well as a blustery mother who willfully ignores any clue or hint he drops to set her straight.

Meanwhile, Lena (Margaret Laurena Kemp), a pastor’s wife has also made her way to this distant spot to contemplate her future in relative calm. Tired of her husband spouting high-and-mighty, anti-gay rhetoric at rallies, while refusing to own up to the cruelty and contradictions in his private life, Lena has a decision to make.

Children of God" is the religious expression used by Christians to refer to human divinity as being all God's Children. Four Bahamian individuals who set out on a journey from the frenetic energy of Nassau to the slower-paced and open Eleuthera. The year is 2004 when the Caribbean world is rocked by the emergence of Rosie O'Donnell's gay family cruise ship. Actual documentary footage details the mass hysteria that divides the Caribbean as some fundamentalists lead widespread rallies. Jonny, a young obsessive-compulsive suicidal white Bahamian artist, faces losing his scholarship at a local University if he does not live up to the potential his professors believe he has. Jonny escapes from his gritty inner-city life in Nassau to the under populated and dramatic Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Here he decides to paint his 'masterpiece' and then kill himself. Lena Mackey is an extremely conservative forty year old anti-gay activist who upon finding out that her husband is not who he represents himself to be. She believes that the only way to fix problems in her life is to limit the rights of homosexuals. She heads to Eleuthera for the purpose of galvanizing the community to oppose gay rights. When Jonny arrives he and Lena paths cross and together these two embark on a series of physical and emotional adventures that not only inspire Jonny to paint but gives him a new zest for life.

                                                                Jonny breaking down

Children of God wrestles with complex issues and manage to find a rare balance. Each character resonates with authenticity. The ending is nothing short of jaw-dropping and yet, there is something oddly cathartic and reassuring about each character’s fate. Children of God is a skillfully crafted film with stellar performances and beautiful location shots.

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